BRRRR Method: Is This Right For You?

The BRRRR method works, but……..

The Pain-demic as I call it, caused upheaval in many areas of life for a broad range of individuals. One group in particular were recent college graduates. One such young lady originally from the Bay Area who had a budding carrer as a broker in commercial real estate made a swift decision. Long story short, when her income went to zero with no one leasing office space, she needed to figure out how to build passive income streams to never be left with no money coming in.


Lacking the capital to purchase in the Bay Area, she chose Cincinnati, OH. There, home prices were lower with cash flow potential much better. Using a twenty percent down payment, mortgaging the rest and spending $15k to renovate a dwelling with a future after repair value, (ARV) of $200,000, the journey had begun. When she finished the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) cycle, the real estate bug really kicked in. A few social media posts later, connecting with other local area investors, she had bought nearly 30 homes in just under three years. She turned 25 houses and invested in another dozen, an office building and small apartment block. Her Finance degree and the prior commercial real estate experience all lent to the results.


Now here is the other side of this story, along the way, she admitted things go wrong every single day. She had houses broken into, stuff stolen, people ghost her, tenants not pay, even having to do evictions. Exactly the kind of real estate investing you want to do, Right? I would imagine, not exactly.


I say it often, we all know, real estate works, some just wonder if it will work for them? In my humble opinion, having a “WHO” is better than having to figure out “how” on your own. Yes, we all need to have a basic knowledge of real estate. In particular, we must be able to perform swift valuations of various projects to know your principal is highly secure and there is margin for error to earn a meaningful return. But you out there doing the BRRRR method, that isn’t the formula.


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