Navigating Home Affordability Trends & Our Holiday Wishes to You

As we approach the end of another vibrant year, we’ve kept a keen eye on the ever-evolving real estate market. The latest data from ATTOM’s fourth quarter 2023 Home Affordability Report reveals a persistent trend: single-family homes and condos in 99% of counties analyzed remain less affordable than historical averages.


Since 2021, homeownership has increasingly demanded larger portions of wages, maintaining a 16-year high hit last quarter. Currently, a median-priced home consumes 33.7% of the average national wage, surpassing most lenders’ 28% affordability threshold. For many, owning a home is a more substantial financial stretch than it has been for years, with typical housing expenses, including mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance, now taking up a significantly larger share of the average wage.


However, there’s a silver lining. Home affordability has ceased its tightening nationwide for the moment. This pause provides a critical opportunity for strategic planning and investment. As real estate continues to be a robust hedge against inflation and a means to build lasting wealth, now more than ever, informed decision-making is crucial.


My burning desire is to help you as a practice professional or high-income earner to avoid the trap of lazy money through data-driven, real estate investing. With affordability being an issue for many home buyers, you are poised to take advantage of these market conditions deploying capital in specific real estate markets with my guidance.  


As we look forward to the holidays and the New Year, I extend our warmest wishes to you, your family, and your future endeavors. May this season bring you joy, health, and further success in all your new real estate investments.


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Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. Here’s to a prosperous and opportunity-filled year ahead! Remember, the real estate market is consistently a more stable investment compared to the volatility of the stock market, making it a superior hedge against inflation. Let’s build or expand your wealth plan through alternative investments in real estate together.

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